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NewScapePro 3 - Fortnite Shorts, Films & Skits!

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The man who was once Sludge has washed ashore at Steamy Stacks. Left with little memory save for his friendship with Rippley, he teams up with Rue, the new leader of ALTER / Shadow, who convinces him that she’s on his side. Now, the newly christened Renegade Shadow must take matters into his own hands as he Storms the Agency, hoping to save his friend! Leaving no Henchman alive, he then has to contend with agents Skye and Meowscles. In the aftermath, Midas and Rue have an interesting conversation as the stage is set for the origin of Cyclo, the Device, and Midas’ Masterplan Doomsday Event.
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Stefan Cook
Stefan Cook 7 dagar sedan
Someone PLEEEAAASE tell me this is gonna be continued, because renegade shadow is my favorite skin, and to see em in action is lit lol
Garry Beattie
Garry Beattie 19 dagar sedan
That picture tho...
Stanley kinder
Stanley kinder 27 dagar sedan
the phum nales from star wars episod 7 the force awekns
Fortnite Pro45
Fortnite Pro45 Månad sedan
Who's watching this in season3 /
Ahmed Jouini
Ahmed Jouini Månad sedan
The new renegate shadow skin is one of my favourite skins
Hayden Davis
Hayden Davis Månad sedan
Cold War: starts USSR: Japan:get out America:get out Russia: hi I’m hear to replace the Soviet Union Cold War: ends Russia America and Germany and Italy gets hit by COVID-19 in 2020
Elsombrio Renegado
Elsombrio Renegado Månad sedan
Renegade shadow is mi favourite skin thanks for the video about him
Hayden Davis
Hayden Davis Månad sedan
🇬🇧ocean liner sinks in the North Atlantic Ocean on the way to🇺🇸 Name: Titanic Nickname: Danktanic Later:WW1 starts britannic sinks WW2 starts
MAJORLAZAR BLAST 2 månader sedan
Who else knows where the blood thing is from
Johnny_Boi 2 månader sedan
That tumbnail looks like that part from the force awakens.
The Epic Handbook
The Epic Handbook 2 månader sedan
Kinda feel low-key sad for Midas, having to rebuild The Agency after every fight.
Cobalt Death
Cobalt Death 3 månader sedan
Why did I actually like this
Toxic cvoils
Toxic cvoils 3 månader sedan
He protec He attac But most importantly that thumbnail be hittin back
Toxic cvoils
Toxic cvoils 3 månader sedan
That thumbnail tho
Moaidقيمر The FG
Moaidقيمر The FG 3 månader sedan
Angel Tanori
Angel Tanori 3 månader sedan
Last Fishtick
Last Fishtick 3 månader sedan
There are shark in fortnite and water tribe season!
Nice Guyy_
Nice Guyy_ 3 månader sedan
He looks sickkkkkkkkk!
Ethan Bunnell
Ethan Bunnell 3 månader sedan
Faze outro 4:57
Cat For The Cream
Cat For The Cream 3 månader sedan
Nderitu Muriuki
Nderitu Muriuki 3 månader sedan
Join me fishies 🐠
Banana 254
Banana 254 3 månader sedan
10:03 Olly:ollyy Me : what is he said? Skye:You don t understand my animal's voice?STUPID PERSON
Ashley E
Ashley E 3 månader sedan
caleb it me 1+1=2 like u r 2 but u r not 2 but it good it 2
Wayne Deacon
Wayne Deacon 3 månader sedan
Sams alive
Blue Dust
Blue Dust 3 månader sedan
We need a part 2 of this bc this my favorite skin so plz make a part 2
B-Rex Plays
B-Rex Plays 3 månader sedan
Peely knows a lot about the agency
User on 2 bars
User on 2 bars 3 månader sedan
I get the thumbnail reference
Sindre Oliver
Sindre Oliver 3 månader sedan
8:48 First time I've ever heard Meowscles say "you" instead of "Mew".
Camping Boys & Girls
Camping Boys & Girls 3 månader sedan
The tumpnail looked like starwars
EVAN HOLTERMAN 3 månader sedan
They all have horrible aim
EVAN HOLTERMAN 3 månader sedan
Sky and meaowcles vs renegade shadow I present the worst aim ever
Cheese head
Cheese head 3 månader sedan
How many times has somebody just burst into the agency and killed all the henchman
Mute _
Mute _ 3 månader sedan
Legend Gaming
Legend Gaming 3 månader sedan
agents when facing when henchman: I AM GOD agents when taking down other agents: WhY iS iT sO HaRd To KiLl ThEm
BrutusYTDoesFN 3 månader sedan
The girl with the black clothes is like the girl from the increidibles the one who makes the suits
DETOX 623 3 månader sedan
I died laughing when scratch got knocked off the edge
CHAOS AGENT 3 månader sedan
Chaos was good and all the sudden not. Bit fishy? Maybe a mix of fusion and chaos agent
CHAOS AGENT 3 månader sedan
I believe rue is a bad mix of fusions evilness and chaos agents memories and style
Tasha AbouJamra
Tasha AbouJamra 3 månader sedan
I say dat you put every Bose with there Gun
nick 3 månader sedan
did meowscles just talk
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